energorezerv-petroleum llp Refinery


We run a refinery that can handle 310,000 barrels of crude oil a day.


We have made major investments in energy conservation, pollution and emission control, and waste reduction.


As a result, all workers and contractors, regardless of rank, are accountable for adhering to safety and process safety regulations.

Safety &
Loss Prevention

Safety is a crucial success indicator for the operation of our company.

Our Refinery Produces Mainly Fuel Products

Which are distributed to domestic markets and overseas export markets under the brand names of our Shareholders.

Billion M3 tons of oil processed

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energorezerv-petroleum llp Refinery Oil Refinery is one’s of the Oldest oil refineries in the Kazakhstan. The refinery Turns out more than 20 types of products, including unleaded gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil for all main brands, bitumen, vacuum gas oil and commercial of sulfur.

Against the backdrop of the global growth of production and use of gas as the greenest fossil fuel, energorezerv-petroleum llp Refinery continues to expand the share of gas in its asset portfolio and in hydrocarbon production volumes (21%), gradually closing the gap between itself and major international companies (30-50%).

The volume of refining of the Company’s refineries abroad (12.8 mmt) exceeded the figure of 2015 by 4.8%. energorezerv-petroleum llp Refinery successfully continues to optimize refinery utilization to ensure an efficient level of feedstock processing

energorezerv-petroleum llp Refinery regards the training and vocational training of the staff as one of its priorities. Suitable precautions will differ from site to site. Wetlands and waterways are also susceptible to exploratory drilling. Unless preventative measures are taken there is potential for contamination from drilling fluids draining into nearby water supplies.

energorezerv-petroleum llp Refinery is one of the leaders of Kazakhstan’s petroleum industry and the world’s largest publicly traded petroleum company.

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